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The El Chupacabra Song Lyrics

After lots of demand, I listened, and listened to the El Chupacabra song and I believe that these are the correct lyrics.

You'll have to excuse the spelling of some the words. I'm not sure about some words, and I don't think that they are English.

Another thing, some of the lyrics appear to me to be a bit prejudice, please don't accuse me because of the lyrics, I didn't write the song, or have anything to do with the making of it, I just found it on the web.

Thanks and if anyone has any info on the words in Spanish, please tell me.

Zach Johnson

Start of song...

-Hey Chupacabra
<laughing in the background>

 -Merricheeko (not sure)

 -and the Chupacabra or it's the Chupacabra

 -weird sounding noise by guy (not sure) sounds something like "eay chay"





 -Something like "Eeeeiiiiii como ei cheeka(not sure) es Chupacabra

 -Oh it's not fair cocobonga waw waw (Not too sure on this one)

 Now starts the Main Singing Lady...

 -Some people say they have seen the Chupacabra, (I'm not sure about the next line, possibly this line sung over again in Spanish)

 -We don't know where he comes from, making all the Mexicans looking like a dumb, dumb

 -They say that he's a monkey, I think the whole story is just a little funky.

 Start Chorus...

-There's a buggy eyes creature that they call the Chupacabra, 4 feet tall like a mutant winged Chiwawa Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Nicruagra

-Hey Chupacabra

The chorus is sung again, but in Spanish, I really don't understand anything of it, but I think that

it is the chorus sung over again, but this time in Spanish.

Main Girl again...

-It's only silly but you see we really got to, like carrying the labamba or the Hokey-Chukakracha(not sure here)

-We started, a sensation, about a creature who is just a hallucination

-We did it, for the money, but we duke you and we think it's really funny.

Chorus again...

-There's a buggy eyed creature that they call the Chupacabra, 4 feet tall, like a mutant winged Chiwawa

In Mexico City, Puerto Rice, Nicruagra

-Hey Chupacabra

The chorus is sung again in Spanish like before.

Then the chorus is sung again in English

Then the chorus is sung once more in Spanish and that's the end of the song.

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