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Ok, here's the deal with the pictures. I received some E-Mail from Earthlink about the traffic my site is generating a month (a gig) and that is all Earthlink allows to be transferred. I have to pay if the amount of data transferred goes over that limit, so what I have done is stored the big picture files on tripods server. I know tripod doesn't have a great and fast server, but it saves me money. If you can't get access to the pictures from Tripod because it's too busy or just won't connect, contact me and I'll send them to you.

Zach Johnson

Here are some pictures of the Chupacabra I have collected from around the net. If you have any other pictures please send them to me so I can post them.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture and for those of you who would like to save any pictures but don't know how. If you are using Netscape or Internet Explorer just right click on the picture you want to save and select "Save image as" or if you are using AOL's browser just click on file at the top of the screen and click "save" when you are viewing the large picture.

Chupacabra image 1Chupacabra image 2Chupacabra image 3Chupacabra image 4Chupacabra image 5Chupacabra image 6Chupacabra image 7Chupacabra image 8

Zach Johnson
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