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Chupacabra Facts...
Meaning of name:
Goat Sucker
About a Meter
Same as goat?
Found in:
South America
Southern US
Puerto Rico

I'll have some more
Chupacabra facts here
later on.


This has to be the most controversial thing about the Chupacabra right now so I'll try my best to keep this as accurate as possible. Thanks to all those who have sent in info for me to use here.

One of the main controversial things about the Chupacabra is its point of origin. Some say Puerto Rico, others say Mexico, and still others say South America. Well one thing for sure is that all these places are located south of North America so it is safe to say that the Chupacabra originated somewhere below North America. The most likely place would be South America somewhere. I need to do more research on this topic and as soon as I find more info on it I'll put it here. (In the above paragraph, I said that the Chupacabra originated some place below North America, but I have received some mail from someone and they corrected me saying that parts of Mexico are in North America. I'm sorry for any inconviences this may have caused you.)

A second very controversial thing is when the Chupacabra came to be known. Well, the Chupacabra has been known for quite some time. It has probably been known for at least a half century or more, but the Chupcabra craze just caught on about 4 or 5 years ago, so to most people it originated 4 or 5 years ago. Like before, I'll research this more and tell you what I find.

Here is a brief description of what a Chupacabra is supposed to look like. It is about a meter tall and weighs about the same as an average size goat. It walks on two hind legs and has two forearms with claws on the end (Imagine a T-Rex). It has very large fangs in it's mouth and it's back has many spikes leading down to it's tail.. It also has a tail, possibly to help keep it's balance (again like a T-Rex). It goes around and sucks the blood out of goats and other animals of about the same size. This is where it got its name "Chupacabra" which means "Goat-Sucker". It's skin is also supposedly a dark greyish type color.

Some people believe that the Chupacabra came from visiting aliens and was left here by accident. The Chupacabra was supposedly a pet to these aliens and when they left, they just forgot it, or it got loose and they couldn't catch it. Others believe that it came from the jungles of South America where it has lived like BigFoot and people recently found out about it a few years ago. The real place of which it came might not ever be known, but possibly someday it will.

A while back the Chupacabra was featured on the UPN show "Strange Universe". They showed some pictures and talked a little bit about it. Nothing too big. Just recently today (June 8, 1997) the Chupacabra was featured on a special all about it. It went into a lot of different aspects of a lot of different info about the Chupacabra. I really didn't get a chance to watch much of the show, so if anyone has any info about please send it to me.

That is pretty much all the info I have on the Chupacabra so if you have anymore, please send it my way. Thanks.

Zach Johnson
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Updated: July 03, 1997
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