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What's New...

  1. Chupacabra song lyrics are now here on the "Other" page.

  2. Mirror Site up.

  3. 2 new pictures

  4. Chupacabra song
    now works on the "Other" page.

  5. Grammar errors fixed.


Dividing Line There is now a mirror of the CHUPACABRA web page.
Earthlink Site | Tripod Site
Go to the other if one is running slowly.

I've added a Guestbook where you can now leave your comments about my page, the Chupacabra, or whatever you want. Go ahead and sign in you would like to.

I've finally received an award for my page from the Spirit Network. That's pretty kewl and I'd like to thank whoever nominated my page for the award. Man, if I receive more awards, I'd probably be inspired to work on this site nonstop (hint...hehehe). Thanks again.

I now have a new e-mail address where you can reach me at. The new address is

Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson
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